Depending on the actual production needs of customers, Jinbao can provide overall solutions regarding product printing, performing model selection professionally.

Customers can provide their own products for commissioning and proofing on the needed equipment, so as to conform that our equipment can meet the printing requirements.

We can arrange for customers to visit our factory to inspect our equipment.


Jinbao promises to arrange delivery and transportation in a timely manner.

Before the machine arrives at the customer's factory, we will provide the schematic diagram of machine installation layout facilitating the customer to arrange the field and power supply and air supply in advance.

After the fully automatic machine arrives at the customer's factory, our expatriates will provide one-week free training of installation instruction at the customer's site. The customer only needs to undertake the round-trip airfare of our trainers and local basic cost of accommodation.


The warranty period is 14 months from the date of leaving the factory, during which the equipment fails, we will provide spare parts repair free of charge.

Under warranty, for damages to parts caused by non-human factors, we will provide replacement parts for customers at the fastest speed, generally sent out by DHL, FEDEX, UPS, EMS etc. within 2 workdays.

After the warranty is over, we provide lifetime paid repair services for the equipment produced by Jinbao.


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