Garment Heat Transfer Printing Machine

Process requirements

Garment heat transfer printing often requires multiple printings of different colors on PET or transfer paper, and has high requirements regarding overprint precision.

Garment Heat Transfer Printing Machine
Garment Heat Transfer Printing Machine
Garment Heat Transfer Printing Machine

Recommended production line

The combination of the following equipment can guarantee expected color register precision and stable printing effects, all while saving printing time and power consumption.



The JB-720AQ automatic screen printing equipment features accurate paper positioning and high printing precision and can print on 80g/m² transfer paper or 0.075~0.08mm PET film.
An automatic glitter powder machine can be chosen to realize local gold powder or multi-color powder effects, which can be directly matched with screen printing machine, featuring convenient operation and no dust pollution.


The JB-780III/1020III screen printing ink drying machine with reliable operation and high work efficiency is designed to satisfy the drying demands for garment heat transfer printing.
However, if your printing ink is heat set ink, then we recommend that you use a JB-800P/1100P infrared and ultraviolet dryer.


If you want to further improve working efficiency, we suggest you select the JB-800S/1050S fully automatic paper stacker which can finish the collection and alignment of prints so as to save labor and improve productivity.


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