JB-720AQ Electrical And Electronic Production Line (Mechanical version)

JB-720AQ Electrical And Electronic Production Line (Mechanical version)
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electronic screen printing machine
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Automatic Screen Printing Equipment Application

The production is mainly used in industrial printing, suitable for film printing with high precision of electric, electron, home wiring, auto etc such kinds productsglass, automobile and motorcycle, fishing pole and sports supplies; Meanwhile, it is also used for printing and drying of scratch ink of lottery ticket, various banking card and package printing matter of paper and plastic. Since selling in market, with its reliable performance, cost-effective, easy maintenance, good service and support, win the vast number of users`trust and praise.


Automatic Screen Printing Equipment Technical Parameter

Model  JB-720AQ (Front pick-up feeder)
Max. Material size 510x 720mm 
Min. Material size 270x350mm
Max. Printing size 520x 720mm 
Boarder ≤10mm 
Frame size 880x880mm 
Printing speed 400~2200Pcs/h 
Power 3 Φ 380V 50Hz 8.89Kw 
Compressor 50L/h 4-6Kgs/cm2 
Weight 3500Kg 
Overall size 3.05 x 2.24 x 1.68m


Automatic Screen Printing Equipment Details Advantage

The suction system on the front edge of the feeder prevents the surface of sensitive substrates from being scratched when feeding, suitable for printing electrostatic or easily scratched substrates such as thin sheets and films even for multicolor printing, the surface of substrates will have no scratches.


Open stacking board can be lifted or lowered as a whole. Aligned papers just can be directly pushed in when feeding, convenient and time-saving.


The optoelectronic double sheet detector does not touch substrates during detection, so as to avoid scratching them.


The feeder is equipped with anti-static device (plasma tuyere) to make it easier for the separation of substrates and for the delivery of sheet substrates. The feed board and delivery board can be added with anti-static bar.


Plasma tuyere is used to eliminate static electricity on the surface of substrates.


When substrates arrive at the location of the front and side lays, automatic registration is completed by the CNC sensor. If there is any tiny misplacement or substrate running, the screen printing machine will stop working automatically to ensure high accuracy of overprint and reduce reject ratio.


The surface of the delivery board is fitted with rice grain stainless steel plate that can reduce 30%~70% friction force between the substrate and the board surface to reduce surface abrasion. Meanwhile, controllable absorption device is used to fit for multiple materials.


The lifting and lowering of the squeegee system are controlled by cams and the pneumatic pressure kept device is fitted to ensure uniform printing pressure so that both spot and coat can be accurately printed out.


The substrate delivery system can ensure smooth delivery of printing part output and of subsequent drying part input. The delivery board can be folded down to facilitate to clean the screen, mount and dismount the squeegee and flood bar.


The weight of the printing cylinder is reduced by 28% while the strength and precision are higher. The vibration during operation is also lowered and the stability improved, which effectively prolongs the machine's service life.


PLC system is employed to centrally control the operation of the whole machine, supporting touch screen/button dual operating system and with automatic fault diagnosis and real-time display functions. It is easy to operate and improves the reliability and stability of equipment operation.


Suction nozzle device, each suction head is under independent control.


The screen frame can be pulled out, both facilitating substrate register or feeding adjustment and making it safer and faster to clean the cylinder and screen.


Ink dropping pan to prevent ink from dropping.

Standard configuration
  • Anti-static devices
  • Front pick up feeder
  • Vacuum conveying system
  • Squeegee printing pressure kept device
  • PLC system
  • Mechanical double sheet detector
  • Contact brush wheel and rubber wheel conveying device
  • Pull/push convertible side lays
  • Side lays optoelectronic sensors
  • Cylinder built-in front lay optoelectronic sensor (Gripper optoelectronic sensor)
  • Screen frame pneumatic lock clamp
  • Delivery board lowering system
  • Automatic lubrication system
Optional configuration
  • Optoelectronic double sheet detector
  • Small sheet conveying device
  • Anti-dropping device
  • Ink dropping pan
  • Screen frame taken out system
  • Safety light curtain
  • Dust removing device
  • Thick sheet anti-rebound device
  • Crossover delivery stand
Product inquiry

If you have any enquiry about quotation or cooperation, please feel free to email us jbprint@cn-jinbao.com or use thefollowing enquiry form. Our sales representative will contact you within 24 hours. Thank you for your interest in our products

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