JB -1215B Mechanical Type Net Puller

JB -1215B Mechanical Type Net Puller
JB -1215B Mechanical Type Net Puller
JB -1215B Mechanical Type Net Puller
JB -1215B Mechanical Type Net Puller
JB -1215B Mechanical Type Net Puller

1. The net puller collet and frame are made of aluminum alloy model materials, which ensures not to be distorted with the loading;

2. The collet is designed with the collet structure locked by itself, the fabric won’t slide and loose under the high tension;

3. The net acreage can be adjusted easily with the push and pull leader.

4. The net is fixed by pneumatically-driven, which making the tension more equality and more stability, and avoiding the fabric to be teared.

5. Manual net pulled and micro-adjusting are in favor of being controlled by the tension.


Technical parameters
Model JB-1215B
Max frame size 1.2× 1.5m
Work air pressure 0.4-0.7mpa
Max tension 40N/cm2

Remarks: Special specifications should be made to your order. About net tightening system,there are pneumatic and manual for option.

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