JB-106XH Snow UV Curing Machine

JB-106XH Snow UV Curing Machine
JB-106XH Snow UV Curing Machine
JB-106XH Snow UV Curing Machine
JB-106XH Snow UV Curing Machine
JB-106XH Snow UV Curing Machine

JB-106XH is newly designed specially for making snow effect on cigarette and wine packing cases, which also can be used with full automatic screen press. It also can be used for curing other special UV ink of screen printing. lamps with independent heat dissipation system, equipped with two groups of adsorption in the front and back of the machine, to prevent the substrate from deforming due to the high temperature of the working chamber, which is more conducive to thin paper conveying.

Wide energy range output: the output power of the lamp is from 25% to 100% stepless adjustable.

High efficiency and energy saving and environmental protection: over 20% of UV energy is higher than the transformer driver; no transformer self loss and reactive power, energy saving 40% over the same period.

Low power standby energy saving: 25% power standby when without material input; once material come it can catch the set power in 0.5 seconds;

Comprehensive intelligent protection: protetcion and alarm when lamp tube overheating, overvoltage, over current, light pipe line break, short circuit.


Technical parameters
Convey speed 60 m/min
UV lamp power 9.7 kw×4 pcs
Wrinkle lamp power 40w×5 pcs
IR lamp power 1.5kw×3 pcs
Effeciency curing width 1100mm
Convey motor power 400w×2
Vaccum fan power 1.1kw(front) 2.2kw(back)
UV exhaust fan 0.37kw×4
Small exhaust fan 40w×7
Total power 3P 5Lines 380V 50Hz 90A
Weight about 2150 kg
Overall size (6.865+0.66)×1.95×1.52m
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