JB-1300CTS Computer To Plate Machine

JB-1300CTS Computer To Plate Machine
JB-1300CTS Computer To Plate Machine
JB-1300CTS Computer To Plate Machine
JB-1300CTS Computer To Plate Machine
JB-1300CTS Computer To Plate Machine

The vertical accuracy of the two axes is within 5um to ensurethe stability of the system;

German brand sports system, so that the positioning accura-cy of the system as high as 1um;

lt can realize remote intelligent maintenance and manage-ment, and realize unattended automatic production.

The advanced DMD optical system from the United States isadopted to make the image reproduce perfectly.

Japan ultraviolet semiconductor laser, stable light output, longservice life.


Technical Parameter
Min mesh frame specification 300 × 300 mm
Max mesh frame size 1200 × 1300mm
The wavelength of ultraviolet 405nm
Image resolution 1270dpi、2540dpi
Thickness of photosensitive adhesive 2~50um
Repeat accuracy ±5um
Size deviation ±0.01%
The file format one-bit一tiff
Working temperature 23±3℃
Working humidity 40-70%
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