JB-1450A Automatic Cylinder Screen Press (Servo Version)

JB-1450A Automatic Cylinder Screen Press (Servo Version)
large screen printing machine
big screen printing machine
graphica screen printing machine
uv silk screen printing machine

JB-1450A is designed from Europe, with all the high top level technology of screen printing, the classic pneumatic squeegee system, screen plate compensation mechanism,assistant receiving part, screen frame go down and movement mechanism which all are the patented technologies.lt is not only big but also make your production with infinite possibilities.


Technical specification
Model JB-1450A
Max. Substrate size 1450X1050mm2
Min. Substrate size 700X460mm2
Max. Printing size 1450X1040mm2
Frame size 1900X1830mm2
Substrate thickness 0.1-3.0mm
Printing speed 200-2000sph
Installation power 3P 380V 50Hz 20.5kw
Total weight 9000kg
Overall size 7250x4150x2500mm


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