Line For Decal Printing CP1 Full Automatic Cylinder Screen Press For Decal Printing

Line For Decal Printing CP1 Full Automatic Cylinder Screen Press For Decal Printing
metal screen printing machine
metal label printing machine
machine to print labels stickers
mug screen printing machine

CP1 Automatic cylinder screen press is a  high-efficiency, high-quality, high-precision automatic sheet-fed flat-screen printing press, suitable for large quantities of high-precision screen products for continuous printing. It is widely used in the printing of 120 ~ 400g / ㎡ materials, especially the paper products (cigarette case, wine box, cosmetic box, gift box, trademark, poster, other paper product packaging and special Security materials),decals(ceramic decals,glass decals etc),plastic sheets(Membrane switch, dial panel, PVC magnetic card, PVC stickers, PET thermal transfer and PVC, PP, PET, and other materials of special printing), and other industries of the screen printing.

CP1/CP2 transformation up to 325 items basic on the traditional cylinder screen press. Through the improved machine performance and stability, durability far beyond the peer.



Technical parameters
Model CP1
Max.printing area 780×520mm
Min.printing area 350×270mm
Printing speed 800-3600 P/h
Precision of overprint ≤ 0.12mm
Power 3Φ 380V 50Hz 8.07Kw
Total weight 3200 Kg
Overall dimension 3.16x2.2x1.5m


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