JB-750II 960II 1280II Semi-automatic Screen Printing Machine

JB-750II 960II 1280II Semi-automatic Screen Printing Machine

The machine is designed for aiming at the hard distortion printing stock, the printing scope is very widely and can be used for screen printing of many plane bodies, such as paper, plastic, glass, ceramics, metal, textile and leather etc, especially for the printing of electron field PCB, soft PCB, PCB liquid state sensitization glue, SMT tin cream.


Technical parameters
Model JB-750 II JB-960 II JB-1280 II
Max. printing dimension 500×700 mm 600×900 mm 800×1200 mm
Max. screen frame dimension 800×1080 mm 900×1280 mm 1100×1580 mm
Table dimension 600×900 mm 700×1100 mm 900×1400 mm
Max. Printing speed 1200 pcs/h 1100 pcs/h 900 pcs/h
Paper thickness ~ 40 ~ 40 ~ 40
Instant snap-off height 0 ~ 20 0 ~ 20 0 ~ 20
Power 3Φ 380V 2.45Kw 3Φ 380V 3.7Kw 3Φ 380V 4.9Kw
Total weight 600 750 900
Overall dimension 1.5×1.08×1.7 m 1.5×1.18×1.7m 2×1.38×1.7m


  • An integrated decelerate motor horizontally lifts and lowers the printing head fast and smoothly.
  • The guide rail and synchronous belt of Italian brand MEGADYNE enable more precise and stable variable frequency drive printing.
  • The air-liquid convertor cooperates with the off-network cylinder to ensure smooth and stable off-network process.
  • The adjustable workbench is separated from the locking device, which can eliminate the locking error.
  • One of the dual-cylinders control the squeegee and the other controls the flood coater, which ensure high and even printing pressure.

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