How to choose an easy-to-use screen printing machine?

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In recent years, screen printing machines have flourished at an extremely fast speed, and industry competition has become increasingly fierce. The quality of printed products has become a key factor in competition. In this way, we have to keep our eyes open and choose the screen printing machine. For many screen printing machine manufacturers, it is imminent to purchase new high-quality screen printing equipment. At present, there are many types of screen printing machines on the market, and the specifications and types are dizzying, but the quality varies, so how can we choose a good product from them?

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【1】How to choose an easy-to-use screen printing machine
With the continuous development of screen printing technology, screen printing equipment has also developed from manual, fully automatic, digital, and integrated, and the printing quality and grade have been significantly improved. , Huan-ding is good, to choose a high-quality screen printing machine, the main considerations are the following:
1. Printing needs
Before choosing a screen printing machine, you must first understand the printing needs, including the material size of the substrate, printing accuracy requirements, printing stability, etc., choose a suitable screen printing machine according to the needs, determine the product configuration, and fully consider whether the industrial diversification is compatible. use.
2. Product quality
When choosing a screen printing machine, we must pay great attention to the quality of the product, including the quality of the screen printing machine itself and the printing quality it uses in the work. During the selection process, the main focus is to observe whether the material and structure of the fuselage are firm and reliable. You can also try it out to know whether the finished product printed by it is perfect and high-quality, and at the same time, you can experience whether the operation is easy.
3. Cost-effective
There are many manufacturers of screen printing machines on the market. The performance and price of screen printing machines produced by different manufacturers are different. In order to better meet your own needs, you can make more comparisons to choose higher quality and easier to use. and products that can meet your needs of use.

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【2】What is the reason for the scraper of the screen printing machine?
During the working process, the scraper of the screen printing machine sometimes fails to move or presses on the screen. What is the reason?
1. The angle of the scraper is incorrect
If the angle of the squeegee is too large or too small, the squeegee may not move during screen printing. It needs to be adjusted to a suitable angle, generally, 45 degrees is appropriate.
2. Ink viscosity is too high
The scraper pushes the ink. If the scraper does not go away, it may be that the viscosity of the ink is too high and the scraper can’t push it. It can be solved by replacing the ink with a lower viscosity.
3. The operator is not exerting enough force
Sometimes the operator puts a lot of pressure on the squeegee at the beginning, and then relaxes the pressure on it when moving the squeegee, which may cause the squeegee not to move, and also affect the printing quality.
4. Air failure
If the scraper of the automatic screen printing machine does not go away, there may be electrical faults, such as damaged buttons, PLC faults, solenoid valves or flow limiting valves, cylinder damage, etc. It is necessary to find out the cause of the fault and carry out maintenance.

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【3】How to adjust the speed of the screen printing machine
The printing speed of the screen printing machine is not fixed and can be adjusted according to the needs, so how to adjust the speed of the screen printing machine?
Generally speaking, the automatic screen printing machine has an operation control panel. It is an automatic operation. It uses a numerical control motor. The printing and ink return speed can be set according to the needs. If you want to adjust the speed, you only need to adjust the printing on the control panel before printing. Speed is enough and very convenient.

【4】Daily maintenance of screen printing machine
(1) The user should wipe and refuel the screen printing machine at least once a week as required.
(2) Regularly check the water in the filter cup of the screen printing machine, drain the water once every shift, and avoid bringing water into the cylinder.
(3) Regularly add lubricating oil to each lubrication point to ensure the normal operation of the screen printing machine equipment;
(4) Before each start-up, you must first understand the operating range of the machine, connect the air source and power supply, and check the operation of the machine. Only when it is in normal operation can it be put into production.
(5) The whole machine is controlled by a full touch screen. Because the touch screen is easily damaged, it is strictly forbidden to be hit or scratched by hard objects or sharp objects.
(6) Please keep the screen printing machine equipment as clean as possible. If there is dirt, please use a soft and clean dry cloth to wipe it clean; if the dirt is difficult to remove, you can add a little neutral detergent to wipe it. It is strictly forbidden to use alcohol or diluent, etc.

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